Bernie Jones always seems to find himself in some sort of trouble. In Sharon Bushell's, The Trouble With Bernie, we meet Bernie's best friend, the Blazing Bandits, his sister Charmaine, and his dog, Weezer and cat, Dreamer.

There's plenty of fun, adventure and more people to get to know. Below are a few excerps and illustrations from the chapters.

Chapter 1 - The Initiation
Have you ever wanted to be accepted by kids older than you?
Chapter 2 - The Beehive
Have you ever brought a project to school only to have it cause plenty of trouble?
Chapter 3 - Saturday at the Movies
Have you ever had a crush on someone?
Chapter 4 - Grandpa's Advice
Have you ever thought that growing up might not be that much fun?
Chapter 5 - Crisis on Peabody Creek
Have you ever gone on an adventure that ended up being more dangerous than you expected?
Chapter 6 - The Penny Hike
Do you know anyone who forgets things?
Chapter 7 -It's A Dog's Life
Have you ever thought about the life of a pet?
Chapter 8 -The Haunted House
Have you ever gone somewhere that really gave you a scare?