The Trouble With Bernie

It's a Dog's Life -1

Bernie’s dog, Weezer, stood at the big living room window and gazed out at the world below. In the distance he could hear Rex, the terrier that lived next door, and Streak, the big German Shepherd from down the street. They were barking at ... what was it? Weezer strained to hear. A blackbird? No. A cat? No. Aha ... it was unmistakably a squirrel bark. Because he knew how frustrating squirrels could be, Weezer gave out a chorus of yips in sympathy with the other dogs.

“Weezer! No bark!” scolded Mrs. Jones from the kitchen, where she sat at the table, reading the newspaper.

Weezer cut short his last yip and, in turning away from the window, locked eyes with those of the family cat, Dreamer, who was lounging on the back of the couch, her front paws tucked neatly beneath her.

His barking had awakened her from her nap, and Dreamer was not at all pleased. “Must you bark so loud?” she asked him with her eyes. “Can’t a girl even get a little beauty rest on her own couch?”

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