The Trouble With Bernie

Saturday at the Movies-2

Each time Clark passed their house, he scanned the walkway, the porch, the yard, his eyes hungry for the sight of beautiful Lisa Wondermore. He had had many crushes in his life, but none like the one he had on Lisa.

Though it pained Clark to think of her, he recalled the sweetness of her smile. Sometimes, between classes, her gaze would fall on him for just a moment, and she would smile. In those blissful seconds he would think, yes, there is hope for me. The feeling was intoxicating. He would get all floaty, which would cause him to indiscriminately be nice to everyone, even kids who had no status at all. But more often than not, Lisa would look to the left of him, or to the right, and then everything, everything, the whole rest of the day, would be ruined.

He knew he was in love, he had no doubt of that. His older cousin Jerome had once told him, “The way you can tell if you’re in love is, it feels like somebody just punched you right in the stomach.”

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Katie's drawing of Lisa
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