The Trouble With Bernie

The Beehive-2

He went to the garage, got a ladder, climbed up to the top of the porch, and carefully removed the hive from where it hung. He held it in his hands, put his eyeball up to the hole, and peered inside. Nope, no activity. It was definitely an abandoned nest.

So, it was all settled. Tomorrow he would bring it to school, and his show and tell would be a huge success. He took the hive, along with the ladder, and left it in the garage where he would retrieve it tomorrow on his way to school.

That night, as he was drifting off to sleep, Bernie pictured himself showing the hive off to his fourth grade class. He had taken the time to study the encyclopedia, to read all about bees. He could now answer any questions the kids might ask. Miss Jamison, who loved all things from nature - except for snakes and spiders - would be proud that Bernie had brought in something so interesting, and that he was so well prepared.

But his plan to dazzle Miss Jamison was foiled, because when Bernie walked into his classroom the next morning, Miss Jamison was not there. She was home sick, and the substitute teacher was - oh no! - the one and only Mrs. Broadbottom. Bernie felt a stab, not only of disappointment, but of dread. He didn’t know why, but every time he was around Mrs. Broadbottom, he always seemed to have bad luck.

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