The Trouble With Bernie

The Beehive-1

Bernie sat on his front steps, staring out at the sky, trying to think up a really good idea. Tomorrow was his turn for show and tell, and he wanted to do something really spectacular. Something no one would ever forget. He thought about how, for her show and tell, MaryAnn Hastings had brought in her dog, Sweetie Pie, a big white poodle. Sweetie Pie had barked on command, sat, jumped, twirled around in a circle, and then walked on her hind legs the whole length of the classroom. MaryAnn bragged that Sweetie Pie was a pure bred, which made her better and smarter than other dogs. Bernie had once brought his own dog, Weezer, to school for show and tell, but the experience had been far from successful. It was, in fact, painful to remember.

Way, way high up in the sky, a jet was flying by. Bernie leaned his head back and followed the white trail it left behind, and that is when he saw it: a beehive, a small, tidy, beehive, just about the size of a canteloupe and pretty much hidden under the eaves of the porch.

A beehive! That would be the perfect thing to bring to school. He sat there for a long time, staring up at it, waiting to see if any bees came out. He told himself that if any had, he wouldn’t dare touch it, much less bring it to show and tell. But fortunately, after carefully observing it for a full ten minutes, Bernie didn’t see a single bee. Oh boy! This was perfect! No one had ever brought a beehive to school before.

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Katie's drawing of the beehive
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