The following educators have shared their opinions concerning
The Bernie Jones Assembly.

TEACHER - "I have been reading it (The Trouble With Bernie) to my 4th grade students.  They love the book, but the presentation was spectacular.  All the teachers enjoyed it tremendously, oh yes, the students loved it too!!
It was so refreshing to show children another way to read and present stories.  In addition, Johnny and Sharon talked about writing and how much work it is to revise and rewrite.  This fit perfectly with what these students had just completed."
Sue Savage - March 27, 2006
STUDENT - Dear Bushells,
"The Green Oaks Student Council would like to thank the both of you for the wonderful performance. Everyone loved Mrs.Bushell's reading and the pianoplaying was very entertaining. Hopefully you can come again for the new students that will be coming to this school. After the performance I heard everyone talking about the wonderful music, and that they were dying to read the two books. My sixth grade class had a great time and from what Sara said it sounded like her fourth grade class had an awesome time also. Hope your travels are going well."
The Green Oaks Student Council, California Nov. 2005
PARENT -" Our son, Will (9 years old in the 3rd grade) LOVED the first book!  He was laughing out loud and having a grand old time!  He read it for the Battle of the Books here in Juneau.  Thanks for the great family read!"
Amy Kendall - Juneau, Alaska Dec. 2005
TEACHER - "I am a teacher at Agua Caliente Elementary in Tucson, AZ. We are in the same district as Tanque Verde Elementary where you visited last month. They just raved about your performance."
Meg Johnson
 PRINCIPAL - "Their program is fun, engaging, entertaining, and a whirlwind of tall tales and groovy music.  Our students tapped, snapped, and clapped along throughout!"
Pete Hall, Principal
Anderson Elementary School - March 27, 2006
PRINCIPAL - "The Bernie Jones Assembly was an entertaining and stimulating way to make reading and writing come to life for our students. Johnny B. and Sharon thoroughly entertained the entire student body and provided them with an insight into the creative process and the work of an author."  
Mark Leal - principal Ellen Feickert Elementary, Elk Grove, California 04/20/05