The Bernie Jones Assembly with author Sharon Bushell and piano-man Johnny B. is
guaranteed to inspire, motivate, and hold the attention of any audience.


Johnny B. begins The Bernie Jones Assembly with a rousing boogie-woogie. (He began playing in 1957.)This segues into an original "softer" composition which demonstrates the writing of a story without words. Johnny B.'s ability to control audiences of 600 plus students is legendary. It is immediately obvious to teachers that he has spent many years in classroom.

Sharon then takes the stage with a dramatic reading from one of her 1950s-era books; The Trouble With Bernie or Bernie Jones and the Blazing Bandits. Johnny B. compliments the reading with special piano effects and music. The students sit mesmorized.

After the reading, questions are solicited from the audience. Answers always support the ever-increasing excitement of reading and the many rewards of writing. "The more you read the better your writing becomes."

After questions and answers, Johnny B. performs a well-known hit from the 1950s. He explains that Sharon will 'be back tomorrow' to autograph books, then directs the students back to the classroom, snapping their fingers to another infamous theme.

The assembly has proven itself with audiences of K through 8th graders. Many schools have opted for back-to- back assemblies to accommodate the different age levels.
The K-2 program is 45 mins. and older student presentations are 55 mins.